Saturday, August 5, 2017

The New FUTURE of Seymour

You may have noticed some changes, or at least I hope I was able to get them to change, here at the old Blog. I'm trying to change my A**hole ways. I'm done irritating people with my harsh opinions on technology, on breeding, on just about every opposition that pisses people off, and I've decided to write about the future, my future with the wife. Sounds fun, right?

Fun is my middle name. We're doing what everyone dreams of doing. We're pulling out our stakes and travelling. We've made the first steps, we've sold and consolidated EVERYTHING! The house we will keep, it's been paid off and we just need to maintain property taxes on it. As for the unnecessary clutter that always gets in the way, we've minimized it all. We're down to our vehicle and a travel trailer suitable to get us where we belong (featured in a future post), our house serving as our headquarters just in case we get bored.

Income, you may ask, well, it is what it is. Whatever job I land I take. The other income, well to put it blatantly, is none of your business...I know, I'm still working on that unpolished rude tongue that leashes out at you, dear reader. I'm sorry. As for the beginning, it's here, the Genesis, the Change, the Metamorphosis. I've become the butterfly, and if butterflies can hold hands, my wife and I are flying through life together, wing in wing, staring blankly at the trailer walls at time, at each other, and out into the fragile veil that separates us from the rest, we have untethered and I'm going to give everyone of you a sneak peak.

It started with a going away party at work. The buzz was humming at the workplace, I even heard that someone was ordering a cake. The place was set, I clicked "going" on the invite of the social media page, and the date had been set. I attended.

It was at a steakhouse near where I worked. The place was cluttered with people, and conversations, I entered and was suffocated instantly (social skills were never my ace in the hole). There were people that never gave me the time or day any other time in my years at the company. They were hugging me and telling me how much the place was going to miss me (as if the company were some living breathing entity, rather than a sociopathic serial killer). I complacently agreed. Head numbed from some Benadryl I took for my allergies, I sat down at the table. One couple wanted to buy my dinner, I agreed. The chatter was a little mundane, so I decided to get done fast, eat up, grab some cake and take off.

"I've got to go, it was an honor to work with all of you, and I'll miss you all." (my inner thoughts were more vicious) "Thank you so much for throwing this party. I'll keep you all posted, stay tuned on the Blog."

Hugs, kisses, good-byes, my life had begun when I exited the the steak house. The sun had been setting and my eyes were blinded by the bright rays. I hopped into the car and drove off into the sunset, literally, my sun visor down so I could focus on the road.

As I drove, there was a heavy weight that had lifted, my mind was uncluttered, a lot like the garage, the shed, the attic that my wife and me had emptied to minimize. I was free and untethered, like my life had been when I was a child. The drive home was long, but seemed quick. My wife was standing on the porch. She was waiting for me. I could hear our Dachshund in the house barking at the sound of my truck.

"How was it?"

"You know." I said.

We hugged. Our life was beginning, again. It was on, a little anxiety surfaced, but I pushed it down, way down and screamed into nowhere, "We're FREE!"