Saturday, August 12, 2017

Boondocking? Anyone...

Now that things are going well with the Airstream, it's time to dig into what a lot of people like to call "boondocking". For those of you with weak stomachs, who absolutely need that bed, cable television, and sometimes, if you're lucky, room service, boondocking is not for you. It's for those with an adventure in their heads, comfort from the small things. The self containment of those small things, their travel trailer, a battery and some propane (these amenities are typically standard with most RV's.)

Boondocking is  living on 12 volt power, or off shore power, and the propane you had filled up before leaving on the first voyage. Once you're set, the USA is a large place with much to see, and many free places to "boondock". I'm going to start with the easy place first, Wal-Mart. No, I'm not promoting Wal-Mart as the number one spot, but it's there, and those blue and black box stores are plastered, unfortunately like a virus through the entire U.S and every rural region (usually wreaking havoc on the local economy and smaller businesses). Wal-Mart's parking lots are well lit, and from experience, I know that the security cameras are up on the building itself, not in the parking lot where the RV's park (sorry to burst most of the bubbles out there). So it's not the most secure place, which is often the myth. It's about as secure as the second spot I'll mention, rest areas. The freedom to get off that stretch of highway you've been staring at for hours (if you've opted for expressways versus the back roads) pull into a spot where the semi's park, lock your vehicle, hop in your RV and take a rest. Sleep overnight.

You can freshen up in the morning, because all RV's are equipped to run a water pump on 12 volt, or the battery running your lights in it. So in a nutshell, boondocking can be done everywhere. There's information plastered over the internet, resources around every corner. I've already chosen our first major trip in my years of semi retirement, Bog Hot. It's a place in Nevada, and it's obscure, that's obvious due to the fact that you're scratching your head now wondering where it is, some of you probably have another tab open in the browser and your looking at some links now. It's nothing fancy, just a place in my head where the wife and I can pull the Airstream up, camp for free and enjoy the natural warm springs. Of course, taking a dip will depend on the water temp, because you don't want to boil alive. From what I hear winter time offers the best swimming temps.

It's a start, make a goal, and get there. Tomorrow's a new day and a new topic for this new adventure. I hear the wife calling me now, she's outside, in the shade, sipping some sweet tea, our small dog, Munchkin, next to her. She might just be wondering if I'm still alive. It's the darker side of our marriage that you have to appreciate, the side that makes us tick, the side that brings out the creativity. On that note, dream up your destination, put it on a map, and ready yourself, that's what we did, and are doing as I write.