Saturday, March 5, 2016

A**hole's Permission --- Playing House

This is about consent, or even giving consent to a child. Society has gone bad, it's become that rotten apple in the bushel, it's gotten simple, has been watered down. From the phones used, the computers used, whatever product available, whatever mass sharing occurs on social media, it's a magic act that forces blinders onto people. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not the kind of parent that falls for it, I can and never will be suckered into it, no matter how much easier these things seem to make my life. It's ridiculous and would turn me into an a**hole, if you get my drift.

Playing House - (in a real world setting) When two people, who have no commitment, other than a sexual drive, to one another, decide to live with each other and test the waters. This definition can play out into an array of colorful or not so colorful scenarios, but the people involved are adults. That being said, the definition only should apply to two consenting adults, two people who are 18 or older. That is fine, they are both consenting, they both are taking on roles in the adult world, and both have jobs to afford that way of life. If it fails, they learn.

Playing House - (in the weirder, and ever growing society we live) Enter, the horse blinded definition. *HOPEFULLY this does not apply to most of the United States. You take a fresh 17 year old female, encourage her to get a boyfriend, allow your seventeen year old to take up stakes with a twenty something year old, and expect said child to learn from the mistakes she makes. Acceptable? Not really. Fact one, said seventeen year old can't think for themselves, that old frontal lobe is still like the soft spot on the top of a babies head, not developed yet. Fact two, the twenty something year old should definitely be looking in his own peer group, because he's opening his house to a bunch of teenage idiots who want to pretend to be adults. It's bound to failure on many levels. Why? Because the child should not be living with an adult  other than his/her parents. This is going to build a false sense of entitlement while said child uses the twenty something year old and the twenty something uses the child. It's failure because it's dysfunctional to allow a child to venture off on their own when they just learned to cross the street. If it fails, the child moves back in with the same parents that promoted the move, as well as all child's friends who feel abandoned and have no place else to hang out, and the twenty something hopefully moves on, or sulks for days, afterwards.

All that being said, parents, who allow Playing House (definition two). Get your damn head out of your ass, or the ground, or where ever it's buried. Stop consenting to your self indulgent children, who haven't earned a G** Damn thing in life. Grow some balls and say that word, that magic word that all adults should be equipped with early on in their life. NO! Say NO! when they're small, say NO! when they're big, and if that don't work, you should have started when they were two. Teens are not animals and do not need sexual relationships at age 16 to learn how to fail. They do not need to venture into the world of big old grown ups to see if they fail and to make mistakes, that's what adulthood will teach them. Wake the hell up and stop creating grown ups who mope around blaming everyone else for their problems. Be a part of the parenting solution, not a part of why society is deteriorating. Thanks.