Sunday, August 9, 2015

SAFE PLACE? Most Modern Parents are A**HOLES!

     I recently listened to a friend talk about one of her teenagers “voluntarily” missing. We like to look at it as running away, but the nice way to put it is a voluntary absence from the home. I guess it makes it seem a little less dysfunctional. Anyway, said friend, explained that she was in contact with a local connection, someone whose child had gone to school with her teen. This parent got in touch with many other students’ parents and made contact with someone with information about the teenager. The connection wasn’t at liberty to discuss where the child was because the parent who “knew” (who was harboring the teen) didn’t want the whole side of the story and said that they would speak to law enforcement if necessary. The connection did state, and a couple of times at that, that the teen was in a “safe place.”

     To my friend a “safe place” is a place that has structure, rules, and with competent adults who don’t just take a child’s side of a story without hearing both sides. To me and my friend a “safe place” has enough sense to contact law enforcement to get the whole story and to explain the child's/teens safety. Am I wrong? These things were not done. I think the place harboring the child should be convicted for harboring said teen even if everyone likes to kiss ass and say politically correct things like, “he’s in a safe place,” to appease the child not getting his own way, and condone the misappropriation of said teens false entitlement. Anyone connected to where the child is should have had the balls and the common “adult” sense to get the whole story not the Cliff’s Notes version. What the hell has this world come to?

     Come to find out, so I don’t get my underwear in a bunch, the child showed up to my friend’s house at two in the morning, demanding to be let in. My friend let the child stay outside in the rain, while she and her husband contacted the police. The teen had a rude awakening and was spoken to by the police, who were competent adults and was put into his place. Now how is the place he was residing for THREE days a safe place? Can someone please wake me up from this weird reality and punch me in the face to throw me a line from this nightmare? Because I sure the f*** don’t know what this shit heap world has come to. And you, who harbored my friend’s child, I honestly hope that your children turn out to amount to nothing in life, for you not doing the right thing, and teaching them a little integrity. Thanks a lot dip-shit!