Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mr. Nabor -"King A**wipe"

       Mr. Nabor, please shut your mouth! While you clean out your “man cave”, full of NASCAR shit, and your slow inefficient sports car, “because it was the last model made of that brand..”, you tenaciously cut your grass to the point that I can hear the grass screaming, “stop cutting me,” and you’re just an obnoxious boisterous idiot that has contributed nothing to the world we live in. You irritate me like pepper spray or mace sprayed directly into my eyeballs. Because you get your leaf blower out and blow all the helicopters out of your lawn, you wash your cars and travel trailer until the paint comes off, and you live in a two bedroom house, with a small room in the attic, doesn’t mean you can call anyone what I heard you shouting. You remember, don’t you, Mr. Nabor? Your face was red, that vein on the top of your forehead was pulsating like a night crawler. Your two adult children and small grandchild were nestled in the small house playing video games, as you yelled at your wife about how ridiculous it was that someone put the lawnmower in your “man cave”. I was appalled, not that I take offense to any of your ignorance, because over the years you’ve been crowned in our household as “King A**wipe”, the crowned jewel of all ignoramus’ in the world. You took the cake the other day, when you were verbally abusing your wife, swearing at your youngest adult child, as he crept from the depths of his video game to join the chaos and disorder, and virtually calling him faggot. You are offensive, but the name you shouted for the world to hear, was the name that describes you most. You shouted it with a furl of anger on your face, and the worm on your forehead was about to climax and burst, as you tossed the garbage cans around, furling them like the Incredible Hulk, you screamed, “White Trailer Trash.” Mr. Nabor, I believe, since I couldn’t quite see you through the shrubbery that blocks you from me, or even know who you were directing the verbal abuse towards, I can only assume you must have been looking in a mirror and pointing the finger at YOU!