Thursday, May 14, 2015

An A**HOLE generation...coming up in the rear!

     There is a tired deflated generation in the midst, they've existed for some time now, but since I’m getting old, crabby, and blunt, it needs to be ranted about. The generation is a weak one, the “trophy” generation, where everyone deserves a trophy so the next guy’s feelings aren’t hurt. They’re self-deluded and think that entitlement is a given and not earned. They don’t need tangible things anymore, everything’s digital and at face value. They believe in a society that should be able to get things at a bottom dollar cost without sacrifice and hard work to pay the price something’s actually worth. The generation has been labeled, but I’m withholding it for now, because I’ve annoyed enough people ranting about this in face to face conversation (apologies to my wife and friends).
     This group needs to start pulling their heads out of ass. I’m tired of listening to them whine, and ask for more, while they give their children the unsoiled shirts off their back by spoon feeding them. This generation is the root of a lot of my angst. Okay, there is that rare, and I’m being generous here, one third, of this generation that knows hard work, diligence, and who know what tangibility, accountability, and life is, but it’s a rare breed within the cancerous mass contributes to the overall label. This generation has been dubbed generation “Y” or the Millennials.   

     The title has a ring to it, every generation points fingers at the next in line and I’ve waited a very long time in life to be able to do it, so I’m doing it now, I've earned it. The Millennials need to stop being incubates for those they are bringing into the world. They need to step it up in life, take the spoons out of the mouths of babes and pull their pants up where they belong. They need to realize that life is tangible, as is music, books, entertainment and it doesn't come from the tree of the blue nowhere on socially engineered and manipulative web sites, corporate America or that electronic glow that has them all mesmerized and preoccupied. Come on generation “WHY” bother, show us what you’re made of, hand over the trophies that you and all your other classmates didn’t really deserve, and make someone proud, because you've been blindly deluded all these years that you've forgotten what the world is made of. Figure it out and prove that this generation is worthy of making it in this world. Thanks for reading, if you're the one third of your kind that actually takes the time.