Monday, March 30, 2015

*ASSWORD Please!

     Hey, it’s me again; it looks as if though this blog was made for me. Did everyone get the memo yet? YOU, the parent, have control over your homes internet, imagine that. I suppose those of you who have given up trying to stay current with technology, other than  the likes of your smart phone, are scratching your heads in wonder or stupor, right? I’ll answer that, RIGHT! I’m going to give you another lesson on the 21st century, you are in CONTROL, it’s very easy to keep that control, and it’s called a secured network or simply put, PASSWORD. Everyone knows what password means, if not, I suggest turning off your computer or device in use for reading this blog, and smashing it on the ground, get rid of it, destruction of something so simple may just give you the part of the brain back that has gone missing. Everyone’s internet connection has a password.

     Children, they are not privileged to gain knowledge of a password, or have the entitlement to know it, no one on this green earth of the big Blue Nowhere has that entitlement but, and it always boils down to this, the person(s) or ADULTS paying the bill. The next time your child doesn't want to do homework, do chores, doesn't want to take a shower, clean their ears, etc., etc., take the damn internet away, that they should be moderated on anyway. Change the password, and if you don’t know how, find someone who does, there's always that person in the family that can easily change it or reset it for you. If the youngsters think they need 21st century electronica, they should earn it, nothing in this world if free, NOTHING! Now start empowering yourselves, parents of all ages, do it fast, and do it NOW!