Friday, June 15, 2018

Dark Nest Travels ... The History ... Part Two

You're probably wondering why I have't given too much information about our children. Well, that's private, they are private, and we love each of them so will respect their privacy and the life they live. They are all adults, now, except for one, who is less than one year from that magic "18". They thrive the way each one of them can, some graduated from college, some work everyday, doing what they love, and our youngest two, have a blank slate to paint their picture. Regardless of what they decide to do in their life, and despite what some think, we love each and every one of them.

In 2006, as the children were winding down for the night. I remember it vividly, it was winter, January to be exact, and Maria and I were sitting on the couch. Both dogs at the time, a Beagle named Jimmy and a Gold Lab/Husky mix named Jar-Jar, curled in their corners, sometimes lifting their heads to see what was going on, but they were relaxed. Maria was perusing a newspaper with real estate ads in it. She asked me to look at an ad she was interested in.

I looked. It was a black and white photo of an old school house. It looked dilapidated, from the old wood siding, to the missing school bell, and like it needed a lot of work. Within the next two days, after the weekend ended, I set up a day we could look at it. I was kind of excited, and we already had a house to live in, so I had a small, very small number in my head. Deep down, I figured I would throw a low ball offer to the realtor, they would reject my offer and we could move on.

The place was massive, for a one room schoolhouse. There was a drop down ceiling to help with heating since it had, five years prior, been used as a nursery in the area. It had thin glued carpet to the original wood floors. As we walked through it, plumes of air could visibly be seen exiting our mouths, due to the winter weather howling in what we call now the "wind tunnel" in the yard. The floors were solid, not a creak to be heard, that was a bonus. I could see the light in my wife's eyes as she looked around. It was a blank canvas, and my offer would surely save me some blood and sweat when the realtor gave it to the owners.

I threw my offer to him. He wrote it down, we signed the paperwork for the offer.

The waiting game ended when the realtor called and told me the group of people who owned the place accepted the offer. I was bummed, yet a certain excitement filled me. Our journey began, after a few hurdles with the title, and we signed the paperwork in February 2006.

It had begun. It was going to serve as a cottage, located in the small town of Stevats (not the real town, but a city I often write about). We had a '34 foot Airstream that we camped in with the family. We used this to shower and sleep in after a hards day work. First and foremost, we titled it, my wife thought it was a cabin, so it needed a title. I write horror, this was going to be our retirement "nest" so we titled it "Dark Nest". Here it is, twelve years later and a lot of hard work, and it's ours. I'm going to end this portion here. Remember this is a build up, and I don't want to bore you.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dark Nest Travels ... The History ... Part One

Okay, this blog is slightly premature, but it's okay, because I like to think in advance and get things rolling. While we just purchased our, new to us, Class A motorhome (a 1995 Airstream Land Yacht 30'), it has some work to be done, and we have time to get it done, before we begin long distance travelling. I've been tinkering, filming, getting our tube channel rolling, and counting down the days. Yes, I know, why rush the time? Well, we've raised seven children, two have yet to fly, and it's sad to watch them spread their wings and fly from the Dark Nest, we are still excited to have come full circle. I begin with a little history of Us.

Maria and I met in 1993, back in the "good ole days" the nineties. A flash flood of memories comes to mind when I say it that way. We immediately jumped into our life together. We enjoyed our time, renting, which led to purchasing our first home, and yes, finally tying the knot in 1996, September 21st, to be exact.

Life was pretty good, a little adventurous, and without any other distraction except for our big hound, Barney. We worked, passing each other sometimes like ships in the night due to our schedules, and had some battles and challenges, not to our marriage or each other, but those battles and challenges that life threw at us. We battled them, together, like married couples should. Those struggles were just the beginning, the tiny drops of glue that was going to make our future together stronger. In the winter of '97 we began our family. Our first two children came into our life, and life seemed to be a little more complete. In late 2000, our third child entered, challenging us a little more, but it completed we thought. We left our first house, sold it just before the housing market imploded, and moved in 2001.

There we lived a pretty great existence, raising children, giving them a good school and the tools to thrive with. But we weren't quite complete, yet. In 2004, enter the completion of our family, our next four children entered our lives. Yes, it made seven in total, and yes, my beard used to be black, but began showing signs of silver. We were complete! We were happy! We were doing what some want to do in life and that was to raise our family, to be the best parents that we knew how to be. Life was good.

We traveled then, vacations and trips, but realized it was a little different to travel with children, as everyone knows. Life was a little different, a little less fun, so to speak. Not that our children took that fun, fun just became more responsible, we were forced to be careful of our actions, to be cautious of the life before us because we had little people to take care of, teach, and to provide. Life went on, our marriage grew strong, and we always stayed on the same page. No wedges, just trucked through, each of us doing our part to make things happen.

I would like to ramble on, but have to break this post up, or you'd be reading this blog for the entire day, this is already a condensed version, lol. There's so much of our beginning that I want to share, the build up to now, our move to Stevats, the purchase of Dark Nest, which you'll hear so much about, and the decisions we made to make Dark Nest Travels a reality. So stay tuned, if you want to, and join us, if you will. Happy Reading! Here's the link to Dark Nest Travels you can subscribe for future videos if you will, please do, it will help get my personal channel branded if I reach 100 subscribers. Thank you!